Did You Know Series: Classifications

February 20, 2014

Did you know that OrgSync classifications are a great way to create unique experiences for specific populations like first year, at-risk, commuter, and graduate students? This powerful tool allows Community Admins to tag users at the community level and designate which pieces of information a user can see on their Community Home. Plus, you can add as many classifications to a user as needed and sort accordingly, ensuring your Community Home is targeted and highly relevant to your audience.

Classifications can be used with:

  • At-risk populations who may need additional support and programming.
  • Faculty and staff who require access to dedicated portals and resources.
  • First-year students who need extra support with campus information and involvement.
  • MBA students who need access to relevant, graduate-level content.
  • Commuter students who are looking for unique ways to get involved.
  • Universities with multiple campuses who need to distribute campus-specific information and programming.


Get started using this exciting feature today! Classifications can be assigned through an import, the API, or manually by the Community Administrators. If you have questions about using classifications, please contact your Campus Consultant or join the conversation on the OrgSync Help Desk.

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