UCLA Brings Organization and Time Savings to Their Rec Sports Department

May 28, 2013

Whether you’re a campus of 2,000 or 20,000, managing a Recreational Sports program requires a good deal of time and effort. Everything from processing registrations and waivers to training staff and scheduling events requires a lot of administrative effort, which can reduce the time you have to focus on the continued improvement of the program itself.

Before joining OrgSync, the Rec Sports program at the University of California, Los Angeles was managing most of their administrative tasks manually. Jason Zeck, UCLA’s Assistant Director of Competitive Sports, was completely overwhelmed trying to manage and train a staff of over 1,000 part- and full-time workers. This strain was felt all the way down to the student clerk who was processing more than 2,000 forms per semester by hand.

Since implementing OrgSync, UCLA’s Rec Sport program has been able to:

  • Completely eliminate paper registration forms – Zeck was able to transfer more than 70 forms onto OrgSync. This resulted in a cost savings of several thousand dollars, not to mention the time savings for students and staff alike.
  • Streamline staff training with online materials and scheduling – Zeck created a staff portal on OrgSync that functioned as an internal org chart. He could share training materials and use the calendar to coordinate training dates, special events, deadlines, and more.
  • Empower student leaders to more effectively manage their teams – With OrgSync, student leaders are able to quickly track down information on all of their team members. They can also post practices and games on the calendar, send mass texts regarding last-minute scheduling changes, and post photos and video highlights of games that can be shared within the portal or across the campus community.
  • Improve marketing of the Rec Sports program across campus – In order to raise awareness of the Rec Sports program at UCLA, Zeck created a Rec Sports portal to market the program across campus. The portal has grown from 400 to approximately 2,100, and serves as the go-to place for all things Rec Sports.

With OrgSync, Zeck reports that UCLA has been able to repurpose over 25 percent of the staff’s time to devote to special projects and the overall improvement of the program.

“I would say we are repurposing about 25 percent of our time. We’re no longer getting the questions on follow-up. The user can log in to OrgSync and see the status of their form submission.”
– Jason Zeck, Assistant Director of Competitive Sports, University of California, Los Angeles

Read the full case study here.

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