TCU helps new students find their fit

September 16, 2013


As students are getting back into the swing of classes, finding ways to get them more involved outside of the classroom is critical.

Right from the start, student organizations and other campus programs give them opportunities to explore their interests and gain valuable collegiate experiences.

Organization fairs, expos, and new student programs are a great way to get students connected quickly, and TCU’s Find Your Fit program is a great example of how to do just that.

Find Your Fit gives first-year and transfer students an easy way to join in on one of over 200 campus organizations. In a recent article by tcu360, Find Your Fit developer and director of student organizations, Brett Philips said that the program is designed “to connect students in activities, programs and organizations that make them find a place to belong at TCU.” Students are automatically enrolled in the program through OrgSync, and it provides them with a centralized way to access, join, and participate in campus organizations.

What have you done to get students involved? Share your stories below!

To see the full article posted by tcu360 on September 10, 2013, please click here.

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