Pace University and the OrgSync Lingo Marketing Campaign

August 30, 2013

By Sean Livingston

In spring 2013, after four years on OrgSync, the Office of Student Development and Campus Activities decided to market a re-launch of OrgSync to our campus community with a specific focus on student leaders. It was our hope that more students would become familiar, comfortable, and active users of our system. To accomplish this goal, we created a brand to market OrgSync on our campus.

We adopted Dunkin Donut’s tagline to state “Pace Runs on OrgSync.” We married this slogan with several marketing materials and distributed them throughout the spring semester in training sessions, workshops, open seminars, and in personal interactions with our student leaders.

LingoOrgSync LINGO
To further enhance our re-launch initiative, we created a campus poster campaign, lovingly titled “OrgSync Lingo”. The posters emphasized the images, terminology, and explanations of the most commonly used modules within OrgSync. Some modules were Community Home, Treasury tools, Portal home pages, Calendars, Forms, and Login (as we were recently authenticated earlier in the year). The goal was to educate existing users, as well as new users, on the purpose and associated language of our software.

Lastly, we launched monthly OrgSync competitions for each of our portal users, focusing on the Welcome Page, Files, Multimedia Storage, and the Calendar function. We awarded one organization fifty dollars at the conclusion of each month and announced the winner utilizing the News Post module to increase traffic back to the community. In addition, at our Annual Pace Pride Celebration, we awarded one “OrgSync RockStar of the Year Award” to the student organization who best utilized all modules throughout the year.


Upon the conclusion of the year, we assessed the productivity and usage of each module, and the overall effectiveness of the marketing campaign. Our results showed we acquired a higher percentage of new users to our system than in prior semesters. In addition, we found our program to be moderately successful in returning users back into OrgSync, thus maximizing communication and participation within our student organizations. At Pace University in Pleasantville, we have discovered integrating OrgSync into all that we do has been beneficial to our students, as well as our administrators.

We hope our experiences can provide other campuses with new ideas to help facilitate the growth of OrgSync on campus. We’d love to hear what ideas have been successful for your marketing campaigns.

About the Author
Sean Livingston Shawn Livingston began his professional career at Pace University in 2006 as the Assistant Director for Campus Activities and now serves at Pace some 8 years later as

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the Associate Director for Student Development & Campus Activities. He has a BS in Elementary Education, Mathematics from SUNY New Paltz and an MPA, Non for Profit Management from Pace University. Shawn has been an OrgSync Administrator for just over four years.

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