OrgSync and Your Staff Planning Retreat

May 23, 2013

As students return home, begin summer internships, or embark on a three-month episode of impromptu boogaloo, faculty and staff embrace the close of the semester as an opportunity to focus on strategizing for the year to come. This time of year, campus executives, staff, and faculty gather at Staff Retreats to discuss the past and plan the future of their campus. While the tone and

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structure of strat-planning activities differs from campus-to-campus, coast-to-coast, the need to constructively analyze current systems and improve upon existing curriculum and tradition remains.

OrgSync can help with your staff retreat! On one hand, the OrgSync platform offers a comprehensive set of tools that cater to group efficacy; on the other, comprehensive data gathered through OrgSync over the course of the year can weigh heavy in strategy discussion and analysis.

When it comes to carrying out the day(s) of strategy planning, staff can employ operational OrgSync tools to help all those involved centralize information and document the exchanges that take place. Creating a private organization within OrgSync for the retreat and inviting the personnel involved will simplify your processes and provide a hub for those folks to interact.

To-Do Lists can provide a reference for the necessary actions needed going in to the retreat; Discussions can be used as “think tank” forums in the exchange of ideas; uploading associated presentations and documents to the Files module is a breeze. It may also befit your day of strat-planning to collect post-event data from attendees with online forms hosted in OrgSync.

Campuses that have been utilizing the OrgSync platform also have the advantage of being able to inform planning discussion with student and organizational data gathered over the course of the past academic year. Analyzing involvement data can give telltale signs as to what efforts culminate in successful programs and which activities might be improved upon or dropped from the agenda.

Data from post-event surveys can provide insight on student learning outcomes and the value certain programs have delivered to students. Cross-referencing involvement data from OrgSync with core academic data can help staff monitor that correlation and paint a more complete picture of how effectively their campus is engaging their students.

Making informed decisions and operating in the most-efficient manner possible is important throughout the academic year and into the next. OrgSync offers a variety of tools to be used in the collection and review of relevant data—use them! At your retreat! As the realm of student affairs draws increasing weight as it relates to academic curriculum, institutional goals, and the learning experience altogether, OrgSync is there to provide substance to your impending strat-planning retreat discussions.

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