The Latest In Development (My Courses, Classifications, Room Reservations, SMS Updates, Branded Emails, and Mobile App!)

July 15, 2013

A few weeks ago, we were proud to introduce some exciting development updates to the OrgSync platform at our annual user conference. Several of the updates went live during the conference while others were announced as part of our development timeline for the coming year.

If you missed the epic Development Updates Keynote from Kevin Wade, OrgSync Product Manager, at the conference, you can access a recording of the webinar version below and continue reading for a highlight reel of what our legendary, in-house team of developers has been up to.


Now Live! -

My Courses

My Courses offers a way to display all the courses a student is participating in and link them directly to each course from the Community Home page. My Courses allows campuses to leverage Single Sign-On so students will be directed to the appropriate course in their LMS without having to log in. My courses is managed via the API.


A classification is a community-wide tag on a user. The content that is displayed for each user on the Community Home page will be customizable based on their classification. Classifications are a great way to privately distinguish between various types of people on your campus, such as students, alumni, faculty, staff, and more. Classifications facilitate improved targeting and are easy to manage (via API, Single Sign-On, Imports, Manage Users.)

Search 2.0

Users can now more swiftly navigate to the content they are seeking. From the universal search within the top toolbar within OrgSync, users can access any content that they have permission to access in a moment’s notice. With Search 2.0, you can see results as you type and find portals, people, and other content instantly.

Room Reservations (25Live Integration)

OrgSync’s event management system can now integrate seamlessly with your existing 25Live web services, allowing you to reserve rooms during the event creation process, directly through OrgSync. You can even search for rooms by capacity, features, layouts, and more. Reserving a room is an optional step, so students can still manually enter a location for off-campus events. Integration with EMS Systems available in Beta version this fall.

Mobile Friendly Emails

All emails have meen completely redesigned to be more responsive and user-friendly. This means that when you send a message via OrgSync, your message will look great for your recipients on every device they use, whether they’re on their computer at home or on their phone between classes.

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 11.22.30 AM


Coming Soon! -

Branded Email Notifications (Coming this Summer)

Email notifications will be branded to match the look and feel of your community. This is especially important if you brand your community to your school, and the students don’t even recognize it as OrgSync. All emails and notifications will match the logo and colors within the top bar of your community.

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 11.06.53 AM

Enhancements to API (Application Programming Interface) (Coming This Fall)

The OrgSync API is a great way to further integrate OrgSync throughout your campus by providing a way to sync data with other campus systems. Whether its populating Banner financial information into portal checkbooks, publishing OrgSync events to another calendar system, or recording organization memberships in a data warehouse, our campus partners have utilized our API to do so many great things.

This fall, we’ll be releasing open source client libraries for the OrgSync API. These libraries will provide a base set of code for your IT or Development teams to build out integrations with our API, making the whole process faster and easier. They’ll be available for the Ruby and Java programming languages.

Updates to Service Management (Released in Phases throughout Fall & Spring)

New Opportunities List

The current Opportunities List feature is about to undergo a makeover. This will include a brand new design accompanied by search functionality that allows you to easily filter opportunities by Timeframe, Category, and by Partner. This update will also introduce categories to Service opportunities, which your campus can manage as they see fit. This will allow an additional level of filtration for students as they browse for opportunities that best suit their interests.

My Opportunities Tab

The new My Opportunities tab will be a centralized hub where students can view opportunities that they are currently involved in, ones they have been involved in, and all opportunities that they are currently RSVP’d for. Students will be able to view the status  regarding the approval of those involvement hours and even request credit if they have not received it.

Services Partners Tab

The new Service Partners tab will provide a list of all current service partners associated with your campus community. This provides a way for students to engage those partners on their own terms, research the organizations and opportunities they offer, access associated information, etc.

Events & Service Combined in Portals

Events & Service Opportunities will be combined to create one list, one place you can go to within each portal to see all upcoming events and service opportunities associated with the organization. This new list will be organized by day. Previously, the events list was organized by event, which we found did not cater to recurring events and general browsability. We think this update will really allow students to more easily access and get involved with events and service opportunities!


What is a goal? – A goal is a milestone to achieve a set number of participation hours in a given timeframe. Organizations, Service Partners, and Offices will be able to establish “Goals” for users within their portals in OrgSync. Students can apply approved involvement hours to particular  goals to meet associated requirements. Setting goals will help instructors and administrators more tangibly tie service learning objectives in to the student experience they create. Users can track progress for all their Goals within My Involvement.


Oh, and another little ditty…


Drumroll, please…


The OrgSync Mobile App (Coming Spring 2014)

We’ve gotten a lot of client requests for this one. The OrgSync Mobile App will truly be built for your students. Users will be able to browse and join portals on the fly, access the community calendar, post to portal feeds, participate in discussions, RSVP to events, message peers, etc. All at their fingertips!

Available first on the iPhone, free within the App Store this Spring.

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 11.04.06 AM

We will, of course, keep you up to date on the latest regarding product updates as they deploy or should we have more information. That being said, it’s safe to get excited! We certainly are. If you have any questions or suggestions for us in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to comment here on the blog or Contact Us!

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