#CreativeSync: Creative Ways Campuses are Using OrgSync

October 10, 2013

By Ashlee Tatum

CreativeUses_SlideAfter attending OrgSync’s 
Creative Uses webinar I was in awe of the creativity, ingenuity, and originality of our campus partners! From interactive websites to campus contests and national events, our customers are implementing and executing OrgSync on their campuses in unique and exciting ways.

I’ve highlighted some of my favorite examples from the
webinar below. Are there any that you can recreate on your campus? Chat with us today and let us know some of the great things you’ve done with OrgSync on your campus. I encourage each of you to try out something new and let us know how it goes!

University of North Texas: Website

The University of North Texas Talons built a single page, fully responsive service website using OrgSync’s website builder. Check it out here:

University of Southern Indiana: Assessment Umbrella
The University of Southern Indiana is using OrgSync to help support their assessment initiatives. From focus group sign-ups, to surveys and post-event reflections, they are using OrgSync in exciting new ways.

University of Nebraska Omaha: Alumni EngagementUniversityofNebraska_umbrella
The University of Nebraska Omaha has created an alumni affairs umbrella. Keeping students on OrgSync through graduation is a great way to engage the current population of students with alumni and it is a vehicle through which the alumni association can easily reach out.

DePaul University: Data
Data, data, and more data! DePaul University is taking their API data integration to a whole new level! In tandem with Tableau, DePaul University has created an impressive data visualization portal in which they can cross compare student demographics with organization and event statistics.Aurora University: Celebrating Arts and Ideas

Celebrating ArtsAurora University is getting creative with their portals, using them as a tool through which they can celebrate the arts and provide additional campus programming learning opportunities. This is a great way to showcase speaker bios, event details, goals, or additional resources.
Midwestern State University: 9 Weeks of OrgSync
Midwestern State University started one of the most popular marketing initiatives we’ve seen to date. 9 weeks of OrgSync is a campus-wide contest that highlights OrgSync features one week at a time. Not only does this promotion help market OrgSync across their campus, but it also trains students on how to use the program.

Check out our two other blog posts on 9 Weeks of OrgSync for more information!

Want to learn more creative uses? Take a look at our post from last year:
6 Creative Ways Campuses Are Using OrgSync About the Author
Ashlee is a member of OrgSync’s marketing team. She joined the OrgSync team in August 2013 with a passion for helping educators and students succeed. Ashlee earned a B.B.A. from Southern Methodist University, and an M.S. in early childhood studies from the University of North Texas.

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