Announcing Enhancements to Card Swipe

May 24, 2013

OrgSync Card Swipe

By popular demand, OrgSync is proud to announce an addition to our card swipe feature: administrators can now track both swipes in AND out!

With the launch of our new enhancements for the Card Swipe module, you will now be able to track not only attendance at events, but also checkin and checkout times for your community members.

When you are ready to begin swiping event participants, you will be prompted to choose if you want to track attendance only, or track the times that a participant arrives and leaves the event. You can also set a minimum time that a user must be in attendance in order to receive “attended” credit for the event.

The participation screen will include the times a user checked into and out of your event. A participant can checkin and checkout multiple times during an event and the total accumulated time is calculated to determine if the

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participant can be awarded full credit for the event. This feature is ideal if participants must leave in the middle of an event to attend class, eat lunch, or otherwise step away.

We’ve also added new filtering capabilities so you can view participants based on their status. For example, if at any time during your event you need to quickly calculate the number of attendees currently on site, a quick click on the “status” filter allows you to choose “pending.” You’ll see who has checked in but not out, and exactly how many attendees are currently pending.

To learn more about this new enhancement to the card swipe feature, watch our recorded webinar.



  • Brooke says:

    This is great! I have a question – can student organizations purchase a card swipe machine to use for their own events/meetings? Or is this something only the campus office running the system can use? Thanks!

    • Adam Cebulski Adam Cebulski says:

      Great question! A student organization can definitely have their own card swipe machine for use within their organization. You will want to make sure to check with your administrators regarding what type of machine they use since the community is setup using the settings of one type. The actual purchase of the card swipe add-on is a community feature so the functionality would need to be purchased by the campus before student organizations can use it.

  • Laurie Ochoa says:

    How do we get a card swipe machine?

  • BP says:

    How does the card swipe module interface with accounts? Are students required to enter their student id number in Orgsync to tie their card to their orgsync account?

    • Adam Cebulski Adam Cebulski says:

      You can work with your consultant to run an import to tie all ID card numbers to their OrgSync account, update ID numbers through API, or manually assign it when the individual swipes into their first event. You can pick one of these methods or a combination – whatever works best for you and your needs!

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