[CASE STUDY] Reallocating Time to Focus on Student Development

May 17, 2012

Everyday campus departments struggle to meet the demand of student requests because of their paper-based processes and procedures. The result can be mounds of paperwork for staff to process, dissatisfied students, lost data, and low office morale. It is even more frustrating to see resources that should be dedicated to student growth and development programs reallocated to other areas due to inefficient operations.

This was the scenario at the Student Activities and Leadership Office at Portland State University before they adopted OrgSync. The department’s paper-based system required staff to spend 4 to 6 hours of their day processing requests manually and contacting students when forms were not filled out completely. As a result of staff focusing on administrative and logistical paperwork, they were unable to allocate time to develop meaningful programs and building relationships with students.

OrgSync has completely transformed how Aimee Shattuck, Director of Student Activities and Leadership at PSU, operates her department. After implementing OrgSync, Aimee’s staff now spends 30 minutes to an hour on administrative tasks, down from 6 hours prior to OrgSync’s implementation, a savings of more than 80%.

“As a supervisor, OrgSync has helped me introduce efficient processes to my department so that my staff can work on more meaningful projects for our students. OrgSync has had a direct correlation with me retaining great staff and doing better work with students.” – Aimee Shattuck

We’ve created a case study with PSU to illustrate how OrgSync has streamlined processes and procedures for the Student Activities and Leadership office. The office is now able to better serve students, reallocate staff time to student development, such as the new Leadership Fellows Program, and be more accessible to students.

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